fatso in training

my dad mentioned that i seem happier than usual. and as much as i hate to admit it, he’s absolutely right- back in marathon training mode- how could i not be happier? i’m on a schedule. everything has a purpose. i’m being facetious, but the truth is i’m garbage without structure.

so week one is here- and it’s already intense.

54 miles

Monday- 12 miles with hills

Tuesday- 9 miles, 4 @ hmp

Wednesday- 9 miles, 4 @mp

Thursday- 5 easy miles

Friday- Rest

Saturday- 15 Miles, 8 @mp

Sunday- 5 Recovery Miles

I like it.

i’m trying to be realistic about my pace goals. people on my team are so encouraging, but i think only i can really know my paces. my friend wants to pace me for a 1:40 half. other friends think i’m ready to train for a BQ. I don’t know. i want to feel proud when i cross the finish line, and i know myself, i’ll let myself down if i don’t meet whatever goal i set out for. i think i’ll use this month of training to evaluate where i’m at. 3:45 feels within my abilities, and part of me wants to go for that and be thrilled with anything faster. i find it really difficult to be proud when i hit goals that take so long to hit.

anyway. i’m happier.

also- this fatso is now on social media, so you can find me on instagram posting fatso running pics!




  1. I have a difficult time with goals! I usually have a secret goal in my head but out loud I say ‘I don’t mind what time I get as long as I finish’ then I still get annoyed if I don’t hit my secret goal, haha!
    I think you can BQ but I totally understand why you don’t want to aim for that!


    1. I totally know the secret goals! I like to do an ‘A’, ‘B’, and a ‘C’. of course I try and never take 26.2 for granted, and know that finishing is always amazing. But it’s hard not to hit the A goal!

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