hills, bridges, miles and miles and miles

woof. hill repeats.

last night i ran with the woman who is coaching me for NYM. we did 8 miles, with 6 hill repeats @ 90 seconds, 1:45, 2 min, 2:15, 2:30, 2:45 @ 10k effort.

did i mention i hate hills?

did i mention that NY marathon is mostly all uphill?

i’m happy with this workout- the thing that i love about speed work, is that as a distance runner, i’m used to my runs taking up large chunks of time…and while this was by no means a ‘short’ run, it flew by with it being broken into these short hard (so hard!) efforts.



dead when i got home

i’m so happy to have training guidance- we’ve scaled my mileage back to 40 miles per week (it was at 55 when i was training on my own, and i was already burning out this early in the training cycle). and i’m taking my easy days easy. i’ll also be working on progression runs, and long runs with the last half at marathon pace. this will be a new type of training for me- i know i can handle a large volume of miles- but i have never worked at maintaining my paces.

last week i was in San Francisco meeting my new nephew- he is tiny and perfect, and my sister is absurdly happy, under-rested, but happy. it was a great trip. i miss my sister all the time, but then i go there and see how great her life is, and i’m like ‘oh yeah, i get it’. i wound up having a lot of downtime, and also some much needed alone time. i got in two really beautiful runs, one 10 miler through the Mission and embarcadero, and a 9 miler through the Presidio and over the Golden Gate Bridge.



everyone i speak to is in training mode. instagram is a flood of running photos, paces, workouts. its hard not to get swept up. i feel like i’m in good hands with my training. i need to stay focused. and i really need to work on my nutrition and getting the calories needed for these miles. it’s a work in process.

running is always changing- and is largely the only place in my life where i can set a goal and map out the steps i need to take to reach it. i love that. i love that i still don’t know all that i am capable of.

5 easy miles tonight, 6 miles with strides tomorrow.

14 weeks to go!



      1. I thought I’d be so glad being done but everyone training just now has totally brought the marathon blues… maybe I’ll have to do another one after all!!
        I love being an aunt too! 🙂

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