fatso learns to fast finish

Man these legs are tired!

I had a great weekend, filled with long runs, cheering my team on at the NYRR team Champs race, enjoying NY’s ‘summer streets’ (Park Avenue is closed to cars from 72nd street all the way down to lower Manhattan every Saturday this month- great for running!) and meeting with a trainer…

this training cycle is all about hitting target paces- this always been my weakness. often i’ll tell myself i’ll head out and go easy, but run at my default 8:40 pace…or i’ll tell myself i’ll run 8:15’s and i’ll start at 8:05’s and finish at 9’s…you get the point- I don’t run tactfully. My last marathon I ran the first half way too fast, and suffered miles 21-25, ultimately costing me minutes had I paced a smarter race.

its tough- you train hard, you feel so fresh, and so strong, and you just want to GO! Restraint is super difficult.

my running coach has revised my training plan- and has me doing a lot of fast finish runs. this saturday was my first long run with a fast finish- and i nailed it! i’m super proud. i did the first 8 miles at an easy 8:59 pace, and then the last 6 miles averaging 8:19. I felt great after, and had energy left, i did a slow mile back home.


on saturday it was the NYRR team champs race. i really really wanted to run this race! it’s a 5 mile loop of central park that only teams compete in. up until friday i was still debating signing up, but in the end i’m glad i didn’t. i wouldn’t have raced very well, and it would have thrown off my long run schedule. instead, i ran up to central park where the team was cheering and got to cheer on teammates. that was excellent. 20664877_1535647586495244_1998792080195709560_n.jpgthere are some fast fast ladies on this team. and some fast fast dudes as well.

Yesterday I had 6 easy miles, and then an appointment with a trainer at Equinox. In the past few weeks i’ve lost about 5 pounds without really changing much to my routine. I started getting concerned that maybe i’m loosing muscle- so I bombarded this trainer last weekend and asked him to take my body fat percentage. they have this machine at Equinox that measures everything- BMI, body fat, muscle mass, weight of individual body parts…it’s awesome! so he did, and my body fat has dropped very significantly (which obviously i’m happy about), but he did say I should try and increase my muscle mass. so i need to make a point to do more resistance training- even though it seems like there’s zero time in the week for anything but running.

i was feeling really really sore, so i threw some money at a massage- and i am very glad i did. it was painful but so so great.

i’ve got some tough runs coming up this week, but sprinkled in with easy recovery days. 13 weeks to go, i feel like my brain is getting in the right place, i just need to keep up the tempo work and STRETCH AND FOAM ROLL (more than like 30 seconds a week)…




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