nice tempo fatso

in continued pace specific workouts- last night i ran a tempo workout with my coach.

we did a 60 minute run

15 minute warm-up (8:50mm)

5 minute up tempo (7:25)

5 minute easy (8:50)

4 minute up tempo (7:25)

4 minute easy (8:50)

3 minute tempo…

and so on…

She actually tricked me- she’d said we’d hit the tempos at 7:50, after the first one i told her i was surprised that it had felt more challenging than i’d hoped, and she said we were actually pushing 7:25 because she figured i could go faster. i’m into it.

when i got home i did something VERY unusual for me. I stretched and foam rolled for a full half hour. game changer! i woke up today and felt like i have new legs. seriously. i have been in somewhat worrying pain and soreness for the past four days- and wouldn’t you know, there’s really something to this whole stretching thing!

yeah- it took me a few years to figure that one out.

tonight i’ve got 6 miles with the running team. this will likely be just sub marathon pace, so tomorrow i’ll do an easy 6 mile run. this weekend i have a 15 mile run close to marathon pace- i really hope it goes well. i feel like it will give me confidence if it does. here and there i get in my head that i’m kidding myself with my goal paces.

but generally i’m feeling good. i am loving running with my coach, and i trust her. she’s cutting my miles down, and she’s super into recovery runs. this is something i’ve not done before!

it’s already august- i have a 10 mile race next month, and a half in october- those will be good tests of my fitness and pacing. clearly i’m getting ahead of myself.

why is the NY marathon so scary?



  1. The NYC marathon does not feel scary to me . . . yet. I know that my opinion will change around the first week of October. I need to find a half-marathon to do soon, too.

    Happy training.


      1. I total agree. I like the SI Half, because you do not have to sit in front of the computer waiting for registration to open. Unfortunately, I will be teaching Saturdays and Sundays this semester, and I do not want to take off too many days. I’m still debating if I can swing running Montreal’s Half-Marathon next month.


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